Laptop & PC Disaster Recovery

Computer Disaster or Malware Infection

Windows will not start?


Cannot see your desktop icons, data and program listing? Or you seem to have lost control of the computer. We will find out what is going on quickly and efficiently using industrial strength diagnostic and data recovery tools.


Virus (Malware) Removal

Desktop shortcuts and program listing missing?

Strange alarming messages being reported on start-up?


You may have become a victim of the latest internet threats. We are very experienced in dealing with such cases and because of their high incidence rate, we become aware of the latest threats very quickly. We work out the necessary fix with equal speed to get your Laptop or PC back up and running with the minimum of inconvenience.


Replacement Hard Drives

Virus Removal Service in Norfolk(This is a common failure, particularly in laptops and netbooks)

It’s often the underlying cause of a computer – with a traditional mechanical hard drive – that starts slowly and hesitates when searching for and opening documents. Or the system just freezes.


Solid State (non-mechanical) Drives or SSD’s drives are now becoming mainstream and are not only faster than mechanical drives but are not prone in the same way to damage by physical shock or normal wear and tear.



Memory Upgrades  (this is RAM not Storage)

Storage is the hard drive. This is where your files, programs and the Windows operating system are kept


Memory (or RAM) is what is required to keep all this alive and comes into play when the computer is powered-up (When the Windows operating system starts) and further when the user makes demands on the system by opening and using files and programsPC Memory upgrades in Dereham, Norfolk


As time goes on computers require more memory to cope with the on-going development of software and the extra memory requirements this software inevitably requires.


As a guide this is what your Laptop or PC should have as a minimum memory installation in order to run at an acceptable speed.


Windows 8.1:  4.0 GB

Windows 10:   4.0 GB (8.0 GB – Recommended )


If your computer has less than these minimum requirements you are missing out on a great opportunity to breathe new life into your machine at low-cost.

Low-cost Performance Injection!

Memory upgrades are relatively cheap to perform and the benefits can be huge; regenerating a Laptop or PC that previously was destined for the scrap-heap, negating the need for a new purchase for many months to come.

Solid State Drives (SSD’s) are now an affordable way of upgrading mechanical hard drives for a very significant performance boost – rapid start-ups and quicker response times. SSD’s extend the useful life of  computers and can delay device replacement times considerably.


Internet Connection Problems

All issues that you may encounter. Browser shows ‘Error 404 Cannot Display Page’. Missing wireless connection. ‘Limited or No Connectivity’  

Wired & Wireless Networking

Client/Server networks for small business and Home Office.


File and printer sharing (set-up and maintained).


Data Recovery, Protection (Backup)

Recovery of data from failing hard drives using industrial grade software tools.


Local and online data backup systems installed and maintained.


Bespoke Purchase of Computer Hardware and Software

We are not a retailer, but commonly bespoke specify, order and install equipment specific to your needs.


You get exactly what you require – no pushy salesmen and no overselling.

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